LIVE WEBINAR WITH Ricardo Rosa & Leticia Montes

“FREE Yoga for Jiu-Jitsu Workshop. Learn a Series of Yoga Techniques that Can Give You more Awareness and Effectiveness to Your Movements and also Stimulate Movements little Explored in the Jiu-Jitsu Practice.”



Wednesday, April 15th
3:30 PM Pacific Time
6:30 PM Eastern Time

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FREE Breathing Techniques for Jiu Jitsu MASTER Class

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    How to Strengthen Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Valences.

    Experience this complete Yoga Series for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

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    How to Give Your Body Intelligence, Amplitude and Freedom of Movement

    Increase your range of motion, get stronger and compensate for movements little explored in Jiu-Jitsu practice

Ricardo Rosa


Leticia Montes



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FREE Yoga Breathing Techniques Web Class

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